Best Mods for Miata - Cheap & Free

by Timothy Leong on September 04, 2018

Best Mods for Miata - Cheap & Free

You just got your Miata and now you want to upgrade it with mods. Nothing big just things you can easily do by yourself for free or a little bit of a cost. We got you covered! Here's some of the things we recommend. 

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1) Reverse the ashtray base; cost = FREE

Remove the ashtray and flip it over. Remove the four small screws that hold the metal base to the plastic cover that includes the little sliding door. Rotate the base 180 degrees and re-attach with the little screws. Replace the ashtray into your car. The door will now be toward the rear and over the top of the deep part of the tray. Better for change and can serve as a cupholder that works surprisingly well for short cups and containers.

2) Align headlight covers; cost = FREE

Not a mod but something that is often overlooked. The metal headlight covers tend to get pushed down along their back edge when people lean on them or sit on them. You can pull them back to where they are flush with the hood by simply tugging on them gently with the hood open. Close hood and check for alignment, repeat until flush. They tend to pull right back to their original stamped shape with little effort.

3) Replace washer nozzles; cost = under $15

Let's face it, the piddly two-stream windshield washer nozzles on the NA suck. Order these 2008-2012 Ford Escape Mercury Mariner Windshield Washer Fluid Jet Nozzles OEM from Amazon. Open your hood and pull the washer fluid hoses from your existing nozzles. Slide a small socket up over the shaft of the nozzle to easily squeeze the tabs together and pop the old nozzles out. Insert new nozzles and reattach hoses. Close hood. Go impress your friends and neighbors with your new fanned washer fluid spray.

4) Improve window effort; cost = under $20

Whether you have power windows or manual they may be slow/difficult to roll up and down. The best way to help this is to buy some Magic Honda Grease to address the problem. This takes a bit more time to do right. Remove your door card. Use canned air upside down to temporarily freeze the black goopy weatherstripping adhesive and pull away your precious plastic sheet. Remove the window mechanicals (find guides for this online) and clean everything thoroughly. If your bushings, the round bits that slide up and down in the tracks, have disintegrated you'll need to replace them. Reassemble and lubricate it all with Shin Etsu grease. Also lubricate the upper channel along the triangular door window using a q-tip. If you have power windows you should also check the console switches and clean them if needed. Enjoy faster/easier windows!

5) Cibie headlamp conversion; cost = $106

Sealed beam headlamps were invented in 1955. Better tech has come along since and your pop-ups do not have to suffer because they came along before the better tech. Order a pair of these Cibie 82440 conversion lamps along with a pair of Hella HLA-H83140101 H4 12V 60/55W Halogen Bulbs. Swap out your old Sylvania pencil beam lights for these modern (but not DOT approved!) lamps with excellent spread pattern and cut-off. Better safety is worth the expense. Don't be tempted to buy the Hella Vision Plus. They're good but they have a drain hole that is not positioned well for our lights when they are stowed. Also some feel they are inferior for light spread.

6) Summer performance tires; cost = $400+ (try Discount Tire on the major holiday weekends)

Nothing really beats better tires when it comes to improved driving experience. If you don't have decent rubber every other thing from acceleration to cornering to ride quality will be affected negatively.

If you have 14" wheels look at the Yokohama S.Drive 185/60/14. Longstanding king of the Miata 14-inch hill for a good reason.

If you have 15" wheels look at the new(er) Continental ExtremeContact Sport 205/50/15. Excellent reviews so far for fantastic grip dry OR wet without sacrificing tread wear. Not available in 14-inch sizes.

7) Get some Miata Apparel to rep your beloved car!

If you love your Miata as much as we do, you'll probably want to show it off and rep it all you can! VroomBoiz has a wide variety of trending style ranging from t-shirts to hoodies to hats specifically for Miatas! You can check out the collection here!